Baseus must-have accessories for everyone

Baseus must-have accessories for everyone

We reside in a technologically advanced era, and many of us can’t spend more than very few hrs without checking our phones, much alone an entire day. As a result, it is critical to arm ourselves with decent, dependable battery systems and charger cords that are not too expensive.

Baseus is a Shenzhen-based Chinese tech accessories brand. And, considering the low cost, Baseus doesn’t compromise with the quality, with their goods receiving innumerable excellent feedback. where to buy baseus in singapore if you’re thinking this then it is simple you can buy them online. Let us see some of the accessories produced by them. 

Magnetic charging cables

Why buy numerous cords for each gadget if you could purchase one cord with several charging heads? Yes, Baseus is now offering their magnetical power cord, which includes a single unifying cord as well as charging devices for mini, USB Type-C, and the lighting cord. As per Baseus, this innovative power cord would prevent damage to your device’s charging station by eliminating the need to continuously withdraw and reinsert the power cord from the port. 

Apple watch USB wireless charger

With Baseus’ wireless charger, users won’t have to lug behind your Apple Watch’s power cord all the time. Through its white or blackish metal finishing and little leather belt connected to the rear, this not only appears stylish, but it also claims to completely charge your Smartwatch in under two and half hours. This is also compact and lightweight, making it an excellent traveling partner for Apple Watch owners.