An Overview On Somerset Orchard Serviced Apartment Singapore

An Overview On Somerset Orchard Serviced Apartment Singapore

Overall, the somerset orchard serviced apartment Singapore on Orchard Road, Singapore, turned out to be a less than certain alternative, us and my family staying in Singapore for two or three weeks during August 2012. The convenience rooms required renovation, for example, electrical switches were placed in an arc, the mortar work was bad, the cold units were broken, it was very noisy.

The Washroom

The bathroom of somerset orchard serviced apartment Singapore, the tiles served as a violin, the sealant around the showers was coming off indefinitely, the shower curtains were inadequate and had an aroma of moisture, discs snaking around the bathtub and the sink.

Hot water was completed too quickly, there was rarely enough. There was very little relaxation at the Residence and the choice of breakfast was of poor quality.


Kitchen – the water virus was not associated with the sink tap. Besides, drinking water was not accessible. There were not enough cutlery and cups. When turning on the oven, the power in the apartment would be cut off. The exercise center was totally and completely wrong. The hardware was old and the free loads were too light. There was no seat to use. The pool was deep (acceptable) but on the small side. The bedroom curtains did not close properly.

Children Area 

Children’s territory plays louder – this is in a helpless condition of correction and most likely a danger to well-being. Children would not come close to that. The only positive was the passers-by, they were consistently inviting and friendly. The site is deceiving. For a help apartment in 2012 on a well-known stretch of Singapore, this place is not up to the task.