The method used to know heart problems

The method used to know heart problems

An echocardiogram is also known as the echo is a kind of scan that is used to have a look at the problems related to hearing as well as the blood vessels around the heart. It is like the ultrasound form of the scan. This is like the small probe that is used to send out the frequency in the high sound waves. This in turn will create echoes as they bounce off different body parts. this kind of echocardiogram is done by the echocardiogram in Sparta, NJ

Why is an echocardiogram used?

It is used for several reasons. This is mainly used to diagnose many kinds of heart-related problems like weakened muscles of the heart, problems related to the valves of the heart, an enlarged form of the heart, and even the thickness of the ventricles. This will help the doctor to diagnose the heart problems and the patient may not worry at the time of the echocardiogram as it is painless and it does not emit any kind of harmful radiation.

The process of doing an echocardiogram:

At the time of the echocardiogram, the patient is asked to wear a gown and needs to lie down on the table for examination. An ultrasound tech or sonographer will apply the gel at the end of the wand of ultrasound and keep moving them on the chest. This gel might be cold by does not create any kind of discomfort at the time of the test. In certain cases, the doctor may inject an agent of contrast right into the bloodstream to get better knowledge related to the heart.

Types of echocardiograms:

There are different types of echocardiograms that need to be done depending on the problem of the patient. A transesophageal echocardiogram is done to get a closer view of the heart valves and their functioning. Patients will be sedated during this procedure where the special form of ultrasound wand will be inserted throw the throat as well as into the esophagus which is located behind part of the heart.

Sometimes they also do the exercise form of stress echocardiogram to detect any kind of problems that may arise in the arteries, which supply blood to the muscle of the heart. The main difference in this is that the sonographer takes the heart’s images before as well as after the exercise period which is done on the treadmill.