Ensuring Your Safety from Harmful Medical Wastes

Ensuring Your Safety from Harmful Medical Wastes

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and it’s made up of hospitals, diagnostic & treatment centers, long-term care facilities, and research & laboratories. Even if these facilities provide care and support to their patients, these places also impose health risks due to improper sanitation and clinical waste disposal. That’s why each establishment needs a service provider that can take care of any healthcare-generated waste, such as medical waste, sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste, and chemotherapy waste. These can pose infections and hazards to other people, so waste management is essential in the healthcare system.

Daniels Health is one of these service providers, which is a clinical alternative in managing medical waste management and disposal. They understand how to reduce the risk of infections and illnesses spreading around, especially in a facility that’s full of patients with all kinds of diseases. You can visit their website at https://www.danielshealth.com/ for more information.

They Operate Within the Four Walls of a Facility


At Daniels Health, they make sure to utilize innovation and adapt it to medical waste management. Disposal of medical waste is essential to avoid injuries and potential infection risks. That’s why Daniels Health operates within the facility to ensure that proper sanitation and clinical waste disposal are done. Their approach focuses on eliminating infection transfer risks, minimizing patient interruptions, increasing efficiency, and making sure the safety of the staff and patients is the top priority.

The system of Daniels Health includes solution scoping, clinically designed containment systems, waste movement audits, traceable solutions, staff training, and storage optimization. These are all tailored solutions depending on the needs of a facility. As a result, it optimizes the costs and ensures safety when it comes to sharps and medical waste disposal. Thanks to Daniels Health, they provide services from independent facilities to multi-campus hospitals and laboratories.

Solutions that Protect the Healthcare Workers & Patients

The motto of Daniels Health is “Making Healthcare Safer,” which is their inspiration in developing safe and environmentally-friendly products and services for the healthcare industry. Their services and solutions involved saving lives from potential risks because of poor waste disposal management. One of their primary focuses is reducing injury due to used needlesticks using a safer sharps management system and practices. They also take into account waste segregation solutions that can minimize exposure and infection risks. One example is the Sharpsmart container.

The Sharpsmart system is voted as the best system by healthcare workers because it’s proven safe and effective in reducing needlestick injuries. Daniels Health ensures that the Sharpsmart containers are delivered to the facility, already assembled, so staff doesn’t need to waste time assembling them. In addition, these containers must be placed near where sharps are often used. Lastly, these have tamper-proof sidelocks, which Sharpsmart collectors can engage when already full. It’s the safest sharps disposal for all healthcare facilities.