How To Pick The Right Table Tennis Ball, So Your Moves Get Right?

How To Pick The Right Table Tennis Ball, So Your Moves Get Right?

Before setting out to hit that pitted ball with your racket, you need to face it that “all tennis balls are different”. Yes, they are despite similarities they may seem to share in their appearances. Olivia Blake clarifies that the kind of ball you pick influences your game, and if you choose the right table tennis ball, it can render a big difference to the performance.

Different types of table tennis balls 

There are diverse varieties of table tennis balls available out there. Thus, it is crucial to know what factors to look for in an ideal sphere that not only cranks up your game but makes your practice right. For, if you get wrong moves into your habit, it would be difficult to rectify and rid them off.

Training/ practice table tennis balls: Known for usage in training purposes, these balls make the best choice for a neophyte or a child indulged in table tennis practice.

One star table tennis balls: These balls are primarily seen in youth clubs and schools and are typically softer and slightly brittle.

Two-star table tennis balls: These balls are preferred for non-match game scenarios and weigh 2.7g.

Fun/ novelty table tennis balls: As clear from the name itself, these balls are meant exclusively for children or for enjoying the game for leisure.

And now, with this knowledge about table tennis ball at your service, you can find the right one for your game. Ready to perk up your game!