Halal MediterraneanRestaurant Center in Singapore

Halal MediterraneanRestaurant Center in Singapore

Would you like to try a Middle Eastern restaurant in Singapore for your next meal? As you’ll soon discover, there are only a few halal mediterranean restaurant singapore that serve Muslim cuisine, making them a great choice for a night out. Known for its savory, spicy flavors and delicious grilled meats, Singapore has several central Japanese restaurants that you should actively try.

1. Pistachio Grill

Pistachio Grill is a great place to eat in the heart of Japan. It is also one of the best places in Singapore to find Muslim food. Located in Ahud Street of Sun Yat Sen Mall, the restaurant serves delicious dishes such as pita, falafel, beef buns and rooster buns, as well as many tasty plates. You can enjoy a delicious tandoori in the bright and comfortable dining room. You can also finish your meal with a delicious bun.

2. Balqis the Bistro

Balqis The Bistro is the best place to eat halal oriental food in Singapore and is located in the East Village building. From Saudi to Yemeni to Lebanese cuisine, you can choose from an array of mouthwatering dishes. Try the Saudi rooster Bukhari, lamb Mendi and the wonderful Arabic rice dishes. This is definitely one of the best places to eat Muslim food in Singapore, where you can enjoy your meal in a small, intimate yet elegant space. If you’re with colleagues or family, this could be the place for you.

3. fill-a-Pita

fill-a-Pita offers delicious vegetarian cuisine with new ingredients and, as the name suggests, great pita sandwiches. Popular options include falafel, eggplant and labneh, which are particularly standard. The hummus and tabbouleh won’t go unnoticed either. The restaurant has a lovely outdoor seating area to enjoy on sunny days.

4. Pita & Olives

Pita & Olives is undoubtedly one of the best halal Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore. Located in Suntec City Mall, this restaurant is the perfect place to take a break after a day of shopping. You can enjoy the best dishes including a set menu of hummus, rooster shawarma, za’atar and falafel. Premium plates are also available for you to share. Serving Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine with exquisite flavors and homemade touches, you’ll likely return here.