Did you watch this movie with your loved ones?

Did you watch this movie with your loved ones?

Watching movies is always a good time, and with the wide range of options at your disposal, you can find your next favourite Telugu film in no time. From old classics to recent releases like Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, these movies will keep you entertained and make you laugh until it hurts.

Let’s check out Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, currently streaming on Aha.

The cast

The movie stars Vishwak Sen and Rukshar Dhillon. Directed by Vidya Sagar Chinta, the movie is a breezy rom-com. The story focuses on a wannabe groom who goes to meet his future bride only to find her missing. Where is the to-be drive? What happened to her? Will our hero be able to find her on time? Unravel answers to these questions with the help of this movie.

The plot

Director Vidya Sagar has deftly handled the first half of the movie which enables the transition from engagement to the time just before the wedding. The second half adopts a more thrilling approach with time spent on the hero trying to find out what happened to his would-be bride.

The performances

A special mention must be made for Vishwak Sen, who seems to be gaining tremendous maturity with every performance in different movies. In his role as a 33-year-old unmarried bachelor, he seems to be in fine form. Then we have an amazing role played by Rithika Naik. She embraces two diametrically different personalities in both halves of the movie, and the way she transitions from one personality to another is a must-watch for movie buffs. This is notable, especially because this is her first Telugu movie, but she has the maturity to carry her roles on her able shoulders.

The technical department 

The movie has been directed by Vidya Sagar, who has a winner with this product. Produced by Bapineedu B & Sudheer Edara, the movie has amazing production values that show on the screen. The music director is Jay Krish, and Pavi K Pavan handles the cinematography. The crisp editing displayed on the screen is made possible by the talented editor Viplav Nyshadam.

to sign off

Aha has a rich repository of content in the form of hit romantic Telugu movies, web series, talk shows, and reality shows. So, what are you waiting for? OTT fans will have a gala time watching this movie online only on Aha.