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Watching movies is always a good time, and with the wide range of options at your disposal, you can find your next favourite Telugu film in no time. From old classics to recent releases like Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, these movies will keep you entertained and make you laugh until it hurts.

Let’s check out Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, currently streaming on Aha.

The cast

The movie stars Vishwak Sen and Rukshar Dhillon. Directed by Vidya Sagar Chinta, the movie is a breezy rom-com. The story focuses on a wannabe groom who goes to meet his future bride only to find her missing. Where is the to-be drive? What happened to her? Will our hero be able to find her on time? Unravel answers to these questions with the help of this movie.

The plot

Director Vidya Sagar has deftly handled the first half of the movie which enables the transition from engagement to the time just before the wedding. The second half adopts a more thrilling approach with time spent on the hero trying to find out what happened to his would-be bride.

The performances

A special mention must be made for Vishwak Sen, who seems to be gaining tremendous maturity with every performance in different movies. In his role as a 33-year-old unmarried bachelor, he seems to be in fine form. Then we have an amazing role played by Rithika Naik. She embraces two diametrically different personalities in both halves of the movie, and the way she transitions from one personality to another is a must-watch for movie buffs. This is notable, especially because this is her first Telugu movie, but she has the maturity to carry her roles on her able shoulders.

The technical department 

The movie has been directed by Vidya Sagar, who has a winner with this product. Produced by Bapineedu B & Sudheer Edara, the movie has amazing production values that show on the screen. The music director is Jay Krish, and Pavi K Pavan handles the cinematography. The crisp editing displayed on the screen is made possible by the talented editor Viplav Nyshadam.

to sign off

Aha has a rich repository of content in the form of hit romantic Telugu movies, web series, talk shows, and reality shows. So, what are you waiting for? OTT fans will have a gala time watching this movie online only on Aha.

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Basics you should learn about Jiu-Jitsu Ranking from Red to White Belt

Jiu-Jitsu’s ranking system awards different colored Jiu-Jitsu belts to participants. The color represents the participant’s skill levels and technical expertise. Judo has a similar ranking system, although it now has its distinct features. Here are various Jiu-Jitsu rankings you should learn:

White belt:

 The white belt is the lowest ranking belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu burhood. The rank held by newcomers to this art is that those who advance in this level are automatically promoted to Blue Belt. The white belt, according to sure professional high-level participants and teachers, is for the trainers.

Blue Belt:

The Blue Belt is the second-lowest ranking belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Students at the blue belt level must have a thorough understanding of all areas of Jiu-Jitsu. To be a Blue Belt practitioner, you must be at least 16 years old. The path between the starter rank of the white belt and the expert level belt in Jiu-Jitsu, changes depending on the grading system.

Purple Belt:

 Purple Belt is an intermediate adult rank in Jiu-Jitsu that comes after the blue belt but before the brown belt. It is regarded as a higher-ranking position, requiring at least 4-5 years of concentrated training. The learner must be 16 years old and have completed at least two years of Blue belt training.

gracie jiu jitsu burwood

Brown Belt:

In Jiu-Jitsu, the highest color belt rating is Brown Belt. At least 5-6 years of serious training is required. The student must be 18 years old and have at least 1.5 years of purple belt experience.

Red and Black Belts:

When a Ju-Jitsu black belt reaches the 7th or 8th degree, the participant is awarded a red or black belt. Black and red belt holders are highly skilled and have a significant impact on the overall art of Jiu-Jitsu. Pedro Sauer, Cavalcanti, Mauricio Motta Gomes, and Mauricio Robbe are black-and-red belt holders trained with the Jiu-Jitsu Gi.

Red Belt: This is the highest level of training.

Red belts in Jiu-Jitsu are intended for people who practice the arts of principle and have a high level of skill in the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Similar to Judo, it is given instead of a 9th and 10th-degree black belt.


When a participant is ready for promotion with an individual instructor or academy, there have been few recorded guild lines and criteria. The number of procedures a pupil can do and the skills are used to assess their technical knowledge. It allows smaller and older participants to have their knowledge recognized.

gracie jiu jitsu burwood is an individual sport, and practitioners are encouraged to adapt methods to fit their body types. Rather than precise stylistic conformance, the capacity to properly execute the approaches is the final criterion for promotion. It could take ten to fifteen years or more to complete the Jiu-Jitsu belts and earn your black belt.

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Tips to Select Sound Effects with Amazing Quality

With the evolution in technology, it has now become convenient to hear different music that suits the need of music lovers. The responsibility of audiences in selecting the best site aids in listening to music tracks from different brands. You can find the entire collection of sounds from the catalog intended to use for commercial purposes as well. Make use of royaltyfree sound effects that are provided in variants like instruments, alerts, and effects to meet the desired expectations of people.

The individuals can search for tracks based on the tag values added for easier verification and reference. The duration of sounds gets varied accordingly with multiple effects that help in creating amazing videos and podcasts. It is possible to download the chosen track easily with the help of provided instructions. In addition, you can analyze the subscription plans which are offered at reasonable rates. The users can find the yearly plans provided as pro and business variants to access unlimited music. Read the terms and conditions earlier for finding the best plan without confusion.

The features of soundtracks are:

  • Designed with the highest standards to offer curated effects for creating stylish music.
  • Find original effects that are designed based on customization requests.
  • Delivered without the performance rights to download as many tracks based on unique choice.
  • Receive valid and lifetime licenses with easier and instant access facilities.
  • Enhanced confidence to use with recording option as well.

You can make use of licensing option with flexible pricing calculated on monthly basis for completing the musical projects. It is reliable to use the loop and instrumental versions that help in creating both personal and business content appropriately. Check the possibilities of accessing royalty free sound effects that help in streaming beautiful music. The users can verify the customized plans that are designed for enterprise usage based on crafted solutions and innovative integrations. Find custom tracks that are added periodically for meeting the expectations of music lovers.

Find below the benefits of choosing music tracks like,

  • Helps in using the endless musical opportunities.
  • Find the right choice of music for mixing different audio contents.
  • Saves time and money with the use of tracks from multiple resources.
  • Receive licensed audio samples with access to the repository.
  • Constant up-gradation of tracks to provide the finishing touch.

The users can start using the tracks after verifying the free trial option with premium sound designs. It is essential to check the coverage facility that helps in selecting tracks for your own channels. Upon request for a quote, you can confirm the pricing in advance that is provided with curation support as well. Select the sound format that ranges from mp3 to wave for creating refreshing content. The option of customization makes people combine one or more tracks with different sound lengths. Make use of tracks that are pre-checked well to ensure the quality always.

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Ex-MoviePass Chairman makes new media organization Zash

Former moviepass chairman Ted Farnsworth told recently that he is hoping to upset Hollywood once more with his new media and diversion organization Zash, which he helped to establish with Jaeson Ma, a Triller and TikTok financial backer.

ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation, a U.S. based diversion, content, and dissemination organization, reported on Thursday that Nasdaq recorded Vinco Ventures, Inc. consented to finish a consolidation, which as per Zash, will make the speed increase and development in live-web based content, video-sharing, appropriation, and creation inside its own ecosystem.

Zash points to contribute, acquire and merge the top tier media, diversion, and content-focused innovation organizations all around the world, as indicated by a press release, which added a definitive objective is to fabricate a ‘Virtual Hollywood,’ which the organization contends is “the fate of media.”

What they are doing here is they have begun with the innovation side and truly focussedon the eyeballs first since we realized the content would come and now,they are wedding the two, Farnsworth told have Maria Bartiromo of the consolidation.

As indicated by the organization, in a test, Zash’s foundation with Vinco prompted more than billion video sees inside a 30-day time span beginning on Facebook.

moviepass chairman noticed that Zash’s Influencer Platform with Vinco at present has more than 350 million devotees. He disclosed to Bartiromo he anticipates that that number should develop as we get more influencers and big names, and we integrate all the media and have a video short structure.

MoviePass and its existence

when asked what motivated him to engage with Zash, Ma said he accepts the organization was the principal U.S. public organization that is focusedon the fate of media diversion with a worldwide view.

There is a hunger for premium substance more than ever, he proceeded. We saw Netflix memberships go far like crazy. We have seen Triller, TikTok client created content go far up during the pandemic.

The streaming giant surpassed its final quarter projections after the bell, detailing 8.5 million paid net options for an entire year record all out of 37 million paid participations, a 31% expansion contrasted with 28 million paid net adds in 2019.

A developing number of online media influencers have been leaving TikTok over security concerns and relocating to the developing video platform Triller.


Ted Farnsworth is the former chairman of Moviepass, he recently established a new media company called Zesh. Zesh media company is U.S based entertainment company, as it quickly increases the online streaming and live streaming related video recordings.

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Understand How to Find The Best Music Band For Corporate Show

Whether it’s an award ceremony, product launch party, or hit party, without soul music, meaningful lyrics, and surprising mixes, today’s audience never really feels entertained. Any joint event without a concert turns into an utterly boring event. Once the event’s value proposition is met and the dinner and sermon party is over, there must be the provision of entertainment.

A corporate party is a most awaited event for enterprises as it provides a significant boost to business and means complete entertainment for everyone. For a long time, entertainment has become a traditional way for organizations to create stronger bonds with their customers, stakeholders, delegates, employees, and everyone else associated with them. Live band performance is one of the best ways to provide complete entertainment at such corporate events. Hiring the right team for a corporate show will create the impression of hospitality, and the event will be appreciated for all the right reasons. Reserving a band for a corporate show is the best way to make any company event a success.

Three ways to arrange a concert by the top-rated band for corporate performances

The reference: In most cases, bands are contracted based on recommendations. When people associated with the organization attend events where they find any enjoyable experience, they recommend the band. Reference allows you to contact the band directly and bands for hire Melbourne them for a live performance. The famous band for the corporate show is sure to be fun to the audience and experienced enough to cater to audiences of different cultures, ages, and tastes.

Event management group: Typically, event management companies have ties to several domains. Upon approaching them, they would be able to recommend the appropriate band for the company’s presentation.

bands for hire Melbourne

Website: Going online is the easiest way to find the right band for a company show. Most popular music bands usually put complete information about them on their website to become accessible for potential clients to understand what kind of music they are creating and then recruit.

Five tips for choosing the right band for a corporate event

  • Request tracks or recorded shows for the bands you selected on the shortlist.
  • Discuss the event planner as well as the theme of the event with the band members.
  • Get detailed information about the types of instruments the band might use. Also, inquire if they have technicians and audio managers with them.
  • Plan the event and show the band the programs the organization has set up.
  • Share your client list with the band. This will help them perform various music that will establish an emotional connection with all segments of the audience.
  • An excellent corporate show band will successfully combine business goals and entertainment gadgets, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. The giant vibrant screens on stage, along with the impressive performances of background dances, make these live performances stunning.

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AthadeSrimannarayana Movie Review

These days, mobile phones have become an integrated part of the lives of all human being and so people tend to perform most of the important activities from the phone. Besides shopping goods, consulting doctors, making small researches people these days also tend to watch their favorite movies and shows also on their phones. People of modern days, hardly tend to go and seat in front of their television sets to watch shows and movies and instead to watch them in their free times conveniently. And this thing has been made possible only because of the OTT platforms.

But there are also certain people who still prefer to watch movies on bigger screens like television. But it might often be possible that the movies that are going on in the different channels of televisions are not what you like and instead you want to watch your favorite movie in the TV. This can be possible only by logging-in in your OTT platform account directly from the TV. These modern apps are compatible even with TVs which can enable you to watch your best Indian movies online with your entire family on a fine evening. 


AthadeSrimannarayana is the Telugu version of the famous Kannada movie named AvaneSrimannarayana. It is a fantasy adventure comedy movie whose director as well as editor is Sachin Ravi. The movie has been produced jointly by PushkaraMallikarjunaiah and H.K. Prakash and it was released under the production companies of Pushkar Films, Shree Devi Entertainers and Prarambh Studios. The music director of the movie is B AjaneeshLoknath and the Cinematographer is Karm Chawla. The Telugu version known was released on January 2020 starring RakshitShetty ,ShanviShrivatsava.

The background of the movie is a fictional town named Amaravati and the story revolves around two rival characters who are the film’s hero played by Rakshit Shetty and the villain named Jayarama played by Balaji Manohar. A loot takes in the village Amaravati and it is required to be traced as soon as possible. The lead role is believed to be Lord Narayana by a drama troupe and he is the cop in charge of the investigation of the loot. Most of the actors did justice to their roles and the first half of the movie was really interesting. Most of the characters keep the audiences quite engaged with their unusual behaviors during the first half of the film, the second half was fine but not as good as the first half. 


Watch AthadeSrimannarayana movie online anytime and from anywhere by simply downloading and subscribing the AHA app. AHA is an OTT platform that has been developed totally in Telugu language. You will be able to find most of the old as well as new Telugu movies in this app. Besides, there are certain movies in other languages which are dubbed in Telugu versions and released exclusively on the AHA app. So, you will be able to watch good films of various languages in Telugu if you subscribe to this famous OTT platform and that too in your free time.

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Watch Drama Movie SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu Online at Aha OTT

Being very busy in the present world, most people neglect human relations. Earning is more important than loving. Home and neighbor conversations are unfound in today’s commercial world. Speaking, discussing, and sharing each other is being leftover.

Watch family movies online

 A good conversation leads to a healthier life. It proved in the present movie SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu, where Prakash Raj gave soul to his character. The film was directed in the way which shows us as if there is no climax. It just flows towards the next. Watch South Indian movies online to understand the value of relations in this digital era.

Explore Action Drama Multistarrer movie SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu online at Aha OTT 

Superstar Mahesh Babu and VictoryVenkatesh made their roles realistic. This recent multi starrer film came after decades.we can find our own characters in them, as all those issues of brothers run in every big family. How they resolve their problems, giving the most priority to human values learned from their Affectionate father, is the main theme.

  1. Starring: Venkatesh, Mahesh babu, Samantha, Anjali
  2. Director: SrikanthAddala
  3. Music Director: Mickey J Meyer
  4. Producer: Dil Raju
  5. Genre: Drama
  6. Language: Telugu
  7. Format: streaming online video
  8. Watchable devices: The movie can be watched on all the supported devices
  9. Available at: Desktop, laptop, tablet,android devices, and Ios
  10. Where to watch online: aha videos

Watch Seethammavakitlosirimallechettu online 

RelangiMaavayya (Prakash Raj), ahead of the family, and he carries a charming smile on his face, with human values throughout the movie where his educated sons Pedhodu (Venkatesh) Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu)are unemployed, in search of jobs were always criticized by their uncle. Wife (Jayasudha) mother, daughter Chinni and niece seeta.

Peddodu, on his own terms, spends the time without any job. His sister-in-law Seetha wants to marry him.

Chinnodu is an extrovert who falls in love with Geetha. She is the daughter of Seetha’s paternal uncle, who is rich and always shows jealousy on Relangimamayya and his family’s economic status.

One day, in a marriage function, Peddodu argues with Geetha’s father. From here, the movie story turns into more interesting.

Some incidents affect Geetha’s relationship with Chinni. Geetha’s father has found her a husband. Even Seetha is pressured to marry a man suggested by Geetha’s father. Meanwhile, an accident occurred to Relangimavayya, who saved the son of peddodu’s former boss brother. Where the boss pleased and gave a job to peddodu.

Relangimavayya family visit Bhadrachalam for Seetharamakalyanam, witnessed an electrical shock fire where they saved Geetha’s family. Relangimavayya was asked to participate in the procession by the MLA, which shocked Geetha’s father.

The two brothers were taught about love, affection, and brotherhood, as in Ramayana. Then brothers realize the fact of life, human values, and get united. To watch it online,the Aha OTT platform is ready at your door comfort.

Top 5 reasons to watch movie online 

  1. The movie shows about Human values
  2. Brothers love and affection
  3. It is a multi starer movie
  4. The best home viewing feature film
  5. Festive family entertainer

Watch a beautiful family entertainment movie Seethammavakitlosirimallechettu online at Aha OTT 

The movie awakes the audience to think about what’s happening around us, where our life path is moving. Is it only to earn money orelse earn ample human values also. Do we are kind to others! Are we all leading a peaceful life? To know more about the movie, watch it online at Aha OTT.

It’s the best time to watch Indian movies online.

Thought Evoking movie “Seethammavakitlosirimallechettu”watch and discover yourself where you are in this commercial world!

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The easiest way to get thrilling games on your system


It is now quite a compatible idea to go with the apex legend games. There are only certain requirements that need to be met up in order to get the games. There are flexible RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS. The OS can come with the 64-bit Windows 7. The Processor (AMD) required is the Ryzen 5 CPU or sometimes even something Equivalent. In case of the Processor (Intel), one needs to go with the Intel Core processor version of i5 3570K or also something Equivalent.

What are the types of formats available to go with reg games?

One can go with the choice of the Apex Legends™ Founder’s Pack which can be available at the price of about $30, Apex Legends™ Starter Pack which is a mini version and can be simply available at $5. There is also a special choice to go with the Apex Legends™ giving the added advantage of the  1,000 Apex Coins which can be available at $29. The Memory required is also a compatible one with the 8GB – DDR3 which can be supportive with the 1333 RAM. Learn the facts here now at https://install-game.com/apex-legends-download/

How can the compatibility be increased always?

There is also the use of the Graphics card (AMD) which can come with the version of AMD Radeon™ of the type R9 290. There is also the use of the Graphics card (NVIDIA) which can fall under the category of the NVIDIA GeForce as well as come under GTX 970. There is also the use of the DirectX which can come with the additional backup of the 11 Compatible video card as well a something equivalent. The comatose Online Connection can be also simply met up with the Broadband Connection. The apex legends free pc games are thrilling.


The overall significance with the games

The Apex Legends™ can be the most suitable games to work in any for at as well as can bring the real thrills of gaming. One can go with the choice of the platform account as well as the platform subscription. The joys of gaming can be also increased with the PERSISTENT INTERNET CONNECTION; formation of the EA ACCOUNT. This can also come with the convenience of the EA USER AGREEMENT. One can also choose to go with yen INSTALLATION OF ORIGIN SOFTWARE. The additional advantage is in the manner of the FREE INCREMENTAL CONTENT with the combination of the UPDATES. One can be pretty sure that the ADDITIONAL CONTENT gets DOWNLOADED TO DEVICE AUTOMATICALLY. Sometimes, there is also some other content which can come with the requirement of being SEPARATELY. The CONTENT DOWNLOADS REQUIRE ADDITIONAL STORAGE as well as come with the huge requirement of the BROADBAND USAGE FEES. The support can be also maximum with the ADDITIONAL IN-GAME CONTENT. There are also plenty of features which can come with plenty of the service-updates.


There is no such feature which cannot be made available with the games. This can be really a great idea to go with the games at any flexible time. The feature is also updated on a regular basis to make them the best.

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Most efficient IPTV for hassle free TV experience

You can find many IPTV providers online to watch your favourite shows online. You can watch the television programs over internet with the help of internet protocol television. You can use the dynamic features for the improvement of the user experience. People are shifting to the IPTV due to the dynamic features of IPTV. You can click on https://upmaker.org/iptv/ to know more.

radio frequency broadcast

Traditional ways use the radio frequency broadcast, satellite dish and cable television for the transmission of programs to the end users. You can enjoy the channels using IPTV and for that you only need to have an internet connection. Internet is the medium of transmission of high quality videos from the servers. You can visit our website to know more. IPTV is proved to be more efficient medium of transmission than the traditional broadcasting techniques. IPTV includes hardware, software and the infrastructure. You will be connected the channel or video stream requested by you. Below we are going to mention the main features of the IPTV.

  • Video on demand: VOD also known as the video on demand is the feature using which you can use the desired videos. You can watch the videos as many times as you want. This feature uses the unicast transmission for the transmission of video channels. VOD uses real time streaming protocols for video transmission.
  • Digital video recording: You can watch the previously recorded the videos with the help of DVR. If you are using IPTV services then you can watch the recorded programs without using DVR device. You can connect to the live DVR system located at the provider’s end. This feature make the DVR more efficient and cost effective. Users can watch a program over from an interactive program menu.
  • Live Television: You can watch the live TV programs with minima latency. Unlike traditional TV broadcasts it provides you the live television broadcasts either with or without interactivity. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) version 2 is used for live television.

A certain amount of consisted bandwidth for data to be streamed in order to deliver the right number of moving picture frames is required for IPTV broadcast which is the biggest limitation.

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Why You Should Check Out Reviews Prior To Choosing A TV Subscription

Reviews are basically feedback that is either based on experience or by impression given the data provided. Reviews are very critical because it contains opinions, facts, the good, the bad and the things that are in between. Whenever a new product or a new service comes along from either a new one or an established company you usually get people reviewing it and with how various media are fostering people that made it their business to review various products and services from various brands to various products, you can expect a ton of it around.

Reviews are a public information, its a double-edged sword for a company that can either sway or put the customers away and this will depend on the feedback given. TV subscriptions are not a stranger to these reviews, you can probably even state a few of the common issues that you had experienced over the years like a frozen TV screen, black screen and so on. So how do you actually use these reviews to your advantage anyway in subscribing to a good TV subscription?

It can help you make the right decisions: A review is the best source of information. It’s the best information that will help you decide whether to get that TV subscription, stay with your TV subscription or leave it and find a new one. TV subscriptions, no matter how you see it, whether you think that its too cheap or its too expensive, the fact is you’re going to spend some cash for it means you still need to make the right decision.

good TV subscription

It helps you drill down on your preference: Surely when you’re looking for a good TV subscription you already have a few preferences, general and specifics. Keep those preferences and identify the things that you can live without and you can’t live without. Like channels, for example, not all packages from various TV subscription services have the same amount. The question is which channel are there in each of their packages and what are the channels that you can live without. This also applies in their other offerings as well.

It can make you realize the limitations of your gear: The fact is everything is getting better and better, the problem is that there are also many people that haven’t upgraded their televisions yet to cater to such updates. When HD viewing became available, many people were telling their cable company that their television experience still looks the same and the picture quality was not what they expect, and this is because even if they have HD, their hardware doesn’t really give justice to the HD viewing. The updates of TV subscriptions will let you know that its time to get a new one.

Getting a TV subscription might look easy but its really not especially if you don’t know what you’re going into. The best thing that you can do is know your preferences and read reviews. This is because reviews will provide you with a ton of information in every TV subscription provider like the good, the bad and the “so-so”. It will also give you a few hints on their best offerings and what you can expect. The thing about it is that its made by the people that have already tried the service and wasn’t shy writing about their experience. If you’re looking for one right now, check one that’s called IPTV. check their feedbacks and you will see that there are tons of good IPTV subscription reviews out there.

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