Hospital Hygiene In Prevention Of Nosocomial Infections

Hospital Hygiene In Prevention Of Nosocomial Infections

There are specialists for almost everything you want to do, even cleaning. Hospitals have always been considered to be the places that should be germ and disease-free even though it is usually filled with sick people. This is because re-infection can occur which could also lead to adverse events in the hospital’s reputation and even the patient’s health. This is why the cleaning of the hospital must be thoroughly done by experts, and this is where¬†hospital cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT comes in.

Having specialized cleaners to help keep your hospital hygiene is very important since you cannot do it yourself.

It doesn’t matter what kind of facility you own, be it non-profit, or government-owned, taking precautions in ensuring your patient’s health should be your major concern.

Cleaning does not just entail wiping down surfaces or disinfecting an area, it takes a lot of processes and this is what experts can help you with.

Types of Hospital cleaning

Hospital cleaning requires accuracy, scrutiny and well-trained personnel. In schools, offices, and homes, cleaning is done to the bare minimum, for maintenance. However, such cannot be said for hospitals.

There are 3 types of hospital cleaning

  • Occupied cleaning. This is done in the patient’s rooms. A dusting of chairs, changing of sheets, sanitizing surfaces, cleaning of the restroom, etc.
  • Terminal cleaning. This is usually done at the end of each day. The whole ward is sanitised following a guideline, and the rooms and every other area of the hospital are carefully and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Turnover cleaning. This is done when the patient leaves the room or is discharged.

Importance of hospital hygiene

  • Prevention of nosocomial infections. Nosocomial infections are hospital-acquired infections e.g. pneumonia, resistant staphylococcus aureus and so many others. This is the major reason for thoroughly carrying out cleaning of hospitals.

Specialised cleaning requires training and experience. The cleaning personnel plays a major role in infection control in the health care sector. And this is why a lot of care is put into training them.

The cost of employing the services of a cleaning service does not in any way compare to the cost of managing a widespread nosocomial infection in the hospital. This also makes hospital hygiene very important, as you may not only damage your reputation but also lose profit while at it.