Pokémon GO – Importance of Buying an Account

It is the right time to travel between the virtual world and real world of Pokémon with the Pokémon GO for Android and iPhone devices. With the Pokémon GO, you will discover Pokémon in the new world of your own! At pokemongoaccshop, you get a chance to explore the real locations & search far for the Pokémon. Even Pokémon continue to emerge around the world, including powerful and rare Legendary Pokémon.

When you move over the different places where you stay and visit, your device will vibrate to allow you know when you are close to a Pokémon. When you have encountered the Pokémon, get aim on your phone’s touch screen & throw your Poké Ball to find and catch it—however, be careful, or this may run away! Look for the PokéStops located at some interesting places—like public art installations, monuments and historical markers —and where you will be able to collect more of Poké Balls or other items.

Battle with Other Trainers

So, are you set for the exciting challenge? Now, you can take on other Trainer any time in the Pokémon GO. With the Trainer Battles, you may match up against Trainer by using the Battle Code, and face off by using the team of 3 Pokémon. When a battle is over, participants get good rewards, which include a chance of rare Evolution items.

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Fast paced battles happen in the real time, and Pokémon will use both the Fast Attacks & Charged Attacks. Look at on the opponent’s attacks, and arrange the Protect Shield and save your Pokémon to take any critical damage. Stay careful you just have very limited number of the Protect Shields before the Pokémon is left defenseless against the big attacks.

Exchange Gifts, Make Friends, and Trade Pokémon

You can get connected with the real-life friends at Pokémon GO; also you can easily interact with them over various exciting ways. When exchanging the Trainer Codes, you can see your friends at your Friend List. One particular way that you can play with the friends at Pokémon GO is giving Gifts. Whenever you spin the Photo Disc at the Gym or PokéStop, you have the chance to collect the special Gift. Even though you cannot open the Gifts yourself, but, you may send them to somebody on the Friend List. These Gifts have a wide range of the helpful items (occasionally Eggs) and also come with the postcard showing where this Gift was collected.

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