A Study of the Different Motherboard Slots: An Explanation for MoBo Buyers

Humans need to have a functional nervous system. This is where messages are carried to and from the brain. The same thing goes with the computer’s motherboard. It leads the communication to every component of the PC.

motherboard expansion slots

Similar to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to obtain a vigorous nervous system, the motherboard should be properly maintained as well. And with this, it needs to be upgraded once in a while. When it comes to upgrades, the use of slots should be understood here. The best Motherboards have slots which help with the job. So, here are the different mobo slots which can help you with the selection.

RAM Slot

RAM is the data storage hardware found on the motherboard. With this, programs need to be saved to another storage device as it cannot remember everything when you begin turning your PC off. But even if it acts opposite to its name, it is still important since computers cannot run without it.

CPU Slot

This is also called as a CPU socket. This is where the processor is stored right on the PC’s motherboard. When replacing the CPU, raising the socket is essential here. You need to lift the lever found on the socket’s side and pull the hardware gently.

PCI Slot

The Peripheral Component Interconnect slot is used for expansion devices such as modems, television tuners, video cards, network cables, and sound cards. This specific slot adds more functionality to the computer.

PCI Express Slot

The PCI Express slot is utilized for expansions cards. It brings in higher transfer speeds compared to the PCI. This option is great for those individuals who prefer graphic cards as it has traded the Accelerated Graphics Port found on the computer.

With all these different motherboard expansion slots, still, the same thing is worked by them. They make you plug expansion cards into the PC without difficulties which then improves the device’s functionality. When getting them, it is important to find a reliable store. Genuine and high-quality products should be bought as they all bring durability to your computer’s life.

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The Most Highly Purchased Motherboard That Works with I5 8600K Processors: A Buyer’s Guide

Everyone uses computers. People have these devices at home, at school, and inside offices. It is helpful to have a full set computer to use for both work and entertainment.

Top Motherboard to Buy

Students use computers for their research. Office employees use them to file up work on it. You even got it at home to play your favorite online games. Fundamentally, computers make loads of work easier to accomplish. More when a quality motherboard is used. When it comes to the best motherboard for I5 8600K, here are the most highly purchased ones in store.

Top Motherboard to Buy

It is important to choose the best motherboard to have your computer work properly. And of course, the task is a bit daunting one. To help you out, here are the top motherboards you have to check out in store.

o   ASUS Prime Z370 – A for Coffee Lake (8th Gen)

For users who run multi-threaded assignments, Coffee Lake’s 8th Gen is definitely a brilliant piece to have. What makes this option great is it offers more cores and additional Intel smart cache. Also, its overclocking and 14nm process are boosted. With the motherboard, a lot of powerful features are enhanced.

o   ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula Z270 for Kabylake (7th Gen)

Another motherboard that can handle multi-threaded workloads, designed for Kabylake’s 7th Gen is ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula Z270. It’s one the best motherboards because of its advanced features which support the architecture.

o   ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula Z170 for Skylake (6th Gen)

Skylakes 6th Gen offers better overclocking and chipset. Chipsets are essential in motherboards as they take tremendous work in managing the memory, processor, and peripherals data flow. With this type, you are guaranteed with an upgrade, especially if you want to put more hardware on your computer.

o   MSI Z97 Gaming 5 for Broadwell (5th Gen)

Broadwell architecture which was released in 2015 increases its performance by around 5-10%. This is used by gamers with the use of socket 1150 motherboards. With this, it offers a new turbo boost and independent bit stream decoders. But having MSI Z97 Gaming brings in more features aside from being affordable.

o   Z97X Gaming Motherboard for Haswell Refresh (4th Gen)

Haswell’s 4th Gen introduces LGA 1150 which is a new socket. This architecture obtains fully integrated voltage regulator and a new set of chipsets. It can use a high performing motherboard known as Z97X which is ideal for gaming.

To Conclude

Choosing the right motherboard on your architecture is vital to enhance its function. A motherboard is a computer’s important feature as it is suitable, replaceable, and upgradable. Be sure to purchase the one that fits on your computer.

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