Bridal Parties – How do you organize one?

Bridal Parties – How do you organize one?

A bridal party is a group of people chosen by bride and groom to fulfil traditional roles at their wedding. These people are directly involved in the special day of the couple. People participating in the party play a major role in marriage ceremony. They have to stand with bride and groom continuously. Members of bridal party are not allowed to leave bride and groom alone during their marriage ceremony.

So it’s a part of marriage and in marriage many guest are invited. So there must be proper arrangement of meals according to time. For arrangement of meals you are supposed to give a contract to a catering department. You must set a nice menu for this event and give this menu to catering members.

Dress Code

  • Normally a groom wears a black coat, paint, white shirt with a tie whereas bride wears a floor length gown.
  • In such a party, ladies generally wear long dresses whereas gents wear a suit, paint and shirt with a tie.

Bridal parties help bride and groom to get ready for ceremony. Also they make them to feel comfortable and don’t let them feel nervous. The most notable duty of bridal party in ceremony is to take pictures with groom and bride in a ceremony, planning pre-wedding events and so on.

Bridal parties include dozens of people from both the families. This means that arranging for a party catering Hong Kong becomes equally important too. Talk to professional food organizers to get this done. Ultimately, a wedding happens once in a lifetime.