The six great benefits that you can get from having Fiber-Optic internet connection

The six great benefits that you can get from having Fiber-Optic internet connection

The fiber-optic internet installation will offer you tons of benefits for your business information technology (IT) needs because of its advanced way in providing faster and more consistent internet connection compared to other types of broadband or internet connection that are offered in the market nowadays.

Considering that fiber optic internet installation is relatively new, you might be wondering right now what are its advantages and the benefits that you can get that outweighs the other types of connections.

Fiber-optic connection deals a great advantage to companies regardless of sizes, households and other facilities that are in need of fast and consistent internet connection especially organizations or groups that use a cloud for apps or data storage features because fiber-optic connection comes with voice-over-IP telephony which is a strong combination for business communications.

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In this post, you will learn the major benefits of fiber-optic connection to everyone that uses it and also a good idea for you when you are looking for the broadband deals that suits your needs and wants.

  • Speed- The fiber-optic internet connection is ten times faster than your highest-speed DSL internet connection which is very flexible also because of its ability to adjust from 5-Mbps up to 100Gbps for the periods of high demand for internet access for your business that will not suffer from a slow internet connection.
  • Cloud access- Fiber-optic connection is very ideal for business because of its ability to link up with cloud access for data storage from your customer relationship management (CRM) tools which is an important business tool for applications, hosting, and a lot more. Majority of businesses nowadays are using cloud storage and the fiber-optic internet connection provides faster access and data storage in your system to the cloud.
  • Very reliable- The fiber-optic connectivity offers very significant reliability compared to other types of internet connection because it is completely stronger compared to others. It is also weather-proof, meaning it is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions that damage or stalls data transmission such as DLS internet connection through copper cabling.
  • Signal strength- Compared to conventional broadband internet usages like DSL or Ethernet, the signal degrades as the user moves away from any WiFi connectivity. The signal strength of a fiber-optic internet does not degrade as the user moves or distances away. This is very suitable for places that have large spaces particularly office floors or workspaces.
  • Bandwidth- For businesses that has a great need for data transmission, they always hit the data cap of their current internet bandwidth, while fiber-optic internet is very suitable for business. Fiber-optic internet connection has a higher bandwidth cap and the speed also does not decrease or go lower as your network demand goes higher.
  • Symmetric speed- Symmetric speed is very beneficial especially for businesses because a lot of establishments nowadays advertises on the internet which is way cheaper than television that is why uploading videos and images at higher resolution require a good symmetric speed that enables to accommodate bigger demands on uploading or downloading simultaneously through a fiber-optic connection.