Best Features Available in Flirt and Online Relationship Android Apps


With the increase in the usage of smart phones, the one to one communication has reduced a lot. Despite these advances in technology, dating has not changed a bit with the advent of smart phones. People meet, talk, go out, party, date and begin to continue their relationship once they get a liking between each of them. Dating mobile apps are also available to help them in this dating and flirting process. All dating apps are not that great. People has reviewed that they need a lot of improvement. But some dating apps are also too good and serve their purpose very well. Free dating apps are there which many couples prefer. There are paid dating apps as well. But they are of not a huge reach presently. Prices of these apps are not too high though. Android and iOS dating apps are trending among these people who love to chat, share pictures and videos, get to know each other better and improve their relationship.

Android Dating Apps

Features available in Android Dating Apps

  1. Some dating apps have special features where women have to initiate first with the connection. Homosexual matches any one can go first.
  2. You have search option where you can search for alike people whom you find interesting and match your interest and likings.
  3. Free chat option is available.
  4. Search people option in locality or in any specific country or city is also available.
  5. Profile picture can be set up. Like options for the profile photo is available.
  6. Few apps have private chat room to get to know each other.
  7. It uses the GPS to locate people near you, if you are looking for someone in the surroundings. If the person crosses you enough times, then their profile shows up in their timeline. Also known as geo-location matching.
  8. You can rate your matches.
  9. One can ask a bunch of questions and choose persons with similar interests in their close circle.
  10. Swiping away of profiles which you do not like is available.
  11. Apps have features to find just friends, one night stands or meet your matches.
  12. Easy view of profile visits to your account.
  13. Chat History option is available in most dating apps.
  14. Distance of the singles in shown in kilometers.
  15. Extended features are locked and are available only in Premium Plans.
  16. Background check based on social media profile is an appreciated feature among loyal users.
  17. Super likes and Rewind are premium features.

These best features makes it clear that dating apps are providing quite a good opportunity to meet the persons who match your liking and take it a little further if you are really into it!

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