Download The LAN Messenger Program And Take Benefit From The Features It Offers

Download The LAN Messenger Program And Take Benefit From The Features It Offers

Management, transferring and storage of important files pertaining to any business organization is a very important task. It is necessary to make sure that there is not even a single room for any sort of error or risk associated with the above mentioned tasks. Connectivity is the basic need for the purpose of performing any activity in today’s time.And the one most effective program developed to serve this specific purpose is the all new LAN Messenger.

Key features offered by LAN Messenger application

Know about LAN Messenger :-

This program is developed for working on various platforms and softwares, from Mac to Windows, and is available for free. It is a type of messaging application which works by means of local networks. The best part about  this application is it does not require any internet connection to fucntion.

The developers have managed to incorporate different set of features as well in the application along with providing an instant means for messaging.

Key features offered by LAN Messenger application:-

LAN Messenger application provides for a wide range of features to the users which are as follows :-

  • Provide for instantaneous messaging :-The user can easly get in touch with anyone present on the same network and can send them a message.
  • Secure passage :- All the privacy details of the user is properly safeguarded and will not get encrypted.
  • Easy transferability of files :- The user can transfer heavy bits files quite conveniently with others over the same network.
  • Systematize list of contacts :- All your contacts can be grouped or organized in a single list or file. This will ease your job of finding out any contact when in urgent need.
  • No need for a server :- In order for making it bit less intricate the developers have added a feature due to which there is no more the need for the user to connect to any server in order to use this application or program.
  • Runs on several platforms :- LAN Messenger is compatible to run on different platforms like Windows as well as Mac.

Download the LAN messenger on your system and make your working experience less complicated.