Give Your Baby the Best Sleep with the Help of Love to Dream

Give Your Baby the Best Sleep with the Help of Love to Dream

As a first time parent, putting babies to sleep might be one of the most challenging jobs for almost everyone. You are constantly worried, wondering why they’re grunting or making sounds while asleep, and many more curiosities that are regularly hounding you and keeping you awake at night. It can disrupt your sleep too, which is why putting them to sleep is essential so you can also take a rest. So if you’re having trouble putting your newborn baby to sleep, you might need the help of baby sleeping bags.

Love to Dream is a brand dedicated to helping new parents who want to give their babies a good night’s rest. They have swaddles for all seasons and reasons up to when your baby is ready to go independent sleeping. They know how and when to adjust, so it’s a matter of when you think your little one is ready. Let’s learn more about Love to Dream and how they can guide you during sleepy times.

Love to Dream’s Swaddles for All Seasons

Swaddles are essential, especially for newborns. They are used to being confined in a tight space inside your womb, and that’s when they feel the most comfortable. That’s why swaddles by Love to Dream are designed to mimic the tightness and comfort now that they’re outside. As a result, it can help them sleep much faster and more comfortably, giving you a chance to sleep through the night together with them, so you are both refreshed when it’s time for feedings.

The designs of the swaddles themselves are more modern and won’t constrict your newborn from making movements. In addition, the hands up sleeping style is embraced, so the baby can start learning how to self-soothe at an early age. You can nurture and keep your baby comfortable as much as possible, thanks to the swaddles by Love to Dream.

The Three Stages of Sleeping Bags

The first stage is swaddling, which is the sleeping style that works best for newborns. The swaddles from Love to Dream are certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Insitute and is the best swaddling solution to establish a peaceful sleep routine. Unlike other swaddles that brings your baby’s arms to the sides, the Swaddle Up have an Arms Up design to help your baby learn how to self-soothe at an early age.

The Transition Bag and Transition Suit are the sleeping bags for the second stage, which is transitional. If your baby is showing signs of wanting to roll, you should stop swaddling them. Both the Transition Bag and Suit can safely help them transition from swaddling to arms-free sleeping.

The last stage is independent sleeping. Once your baby is already in the arms free stage, they might start wriggling while sound asleep, which can wake them up when they take their blankets off accidentally. Thankfully, the Love to Dream Sleep Suit and Sleep Bag is here to provide them comfort and warmth all night long.