Layered timber flooring is also known as engineered wood flooring which is done by bonding different layers of wood and is one of the latest technological innovations. It is plywood or high-density fibreboards to give itself dimensional stability and good strength. Because of the perpendicular arrangement of the wood movement between the blocks is also minimised which in turn reduces the risk of over-expansion and contraction that naturally occurs due to natural wooden fibres.

Natural timber is used in the top layer of engineered flooring which gives a similar warmth as wooden flooring.  It looks luxurious and gives a modern touch to the floor with its warmth and modern design. You can find various designs at floor rich Singapore to choose from. They have wooden floors in varying colours, stains and graining to choose from. American oak natural, American oak whitewash, American oak ebony, American oak midnight black, American walnut are some of the examples of colours you will find.

Engineered wood flooring singapore will provide many benefits like durability through its extensive dimensional stability that prevents expansion and contraction due to temperature changes in Singapore. It has a high strength which prevents breaking, screening even if there is high traffic on the floor. It comes at a low price with the luxury finish of wooden flooring and is quite affordable at that rate. The main feature if floor rich is it offers eco-friendly flooring at such an affordable price and also is very comfortable for the feet.