What are the types of breast pads?

What are the types of breast pads?

If you are a mother then you must have to use breast pads after feeding your baby. Because almost every woman faces the problem of milk leaking with their breast after feeding their baby or even after intimating with their partner. This is done with few hormones in the body of females. So you just have to know what are breast pads and how to use them.

The types of breast pads:

  1. Disposable nursing pads

The first type of pads is produced for only one-time use. You just have to use them for one day and then throw them in the dustbin. If you love to maintain hygiene then disposable nursing pads are the best option for you. Before using any kind of nursing pads you must have to know what are breast pads and their proper use as well.

  1. Reusable nursing pads 

This kind of pad is very cost-effective as you just have to buy it once and then use it for a longer period. But the important thing is that you have to maintain hygiene while maintaining it. You have to wash them properly and then let them dry in the sunlight.

  1. Silicone pads 

It is not good in absorbing but they put pressure on your breast so that milk will not leak. You must have to use it to protect your dress from the stain. If you are an office-going lady then you always have to put breast pads in your purse as you can use them anytime and never face embarrassment.

  1. Homemade nursing pads 

The best method is to use homemade nursing pads. You just have to use some cotton clothes and cotton to make nursing pads. It is very easy to make and you can save a lot of money with this. But make sure that the size of the pad should be according to your bra cups.