Role Of Shipping Containers In The Industries

Role Of Shipping Containers In The Industries

Many shipping containers are lightweight and strong. Standard storage steel boxes are used to store and carry the goods on the ships from one location to another through the oceans. These containers are built to transport goods like furniture, auto parts, tools, equipment, and excess stock.

Shipping containers with their sizes, types, and categories

Most of the shipping containers are made up of a high-quality Corten, corrugated carbon steel. It is what makes the containers versatile to survive in extreme weather. Shipping containers come in different sizes like 8ft mini containers, 10ft mini containers, 20ft high cubes, 20ft open side containers. 40ft high cubes are the larger storage boxes. Traditional 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers are the most widely used storage options.

Shipping containers are often referred to as conex containers, cargo containers, or storage containers. All the shipping containers are large, weatherproof steel boxes used to ship goods. Over time, they have categorized as per size, structure, and uses. Cargo containers are shipping containers used to transport cargo across the seas. Conex containers are also shipping containers used to transport the military cargo through the Container express or conex boxes. Storage containers are nothing but shipping containers used for storing goods. However, storage containers are available in many storage sizes and made with different materials like lightweight aluminum.

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Below are different types of shipping containers used to store various types of goods:

  • Dry storage container- These containers are used to store and ship dry materials and come in 20ft, 10ft, and 40ft sizes.
  • Open top storage container- It is a container with a top cover removed to store large goods.
  • Flat container- It is a simple type of container which has both sides folded to store large and flat goods.
  • Tunnel container- It is a container with doors at both ends of the box used for ing and unloading goods.
  • Open side storage container- It is a container with doors on the sides that can be opened for more space and storage.
  • Double doors containers- These 20ft and 40ft containers have double doors as double protection for the loading of steel, iron, etc.
  • Cargo containers- These containers are used to transport military cargo.
  • Car carriers- It is a type of container specially designed to ship cars without any risk of damage.
  • Half-height container- It is another type of shipping container that is half of the height of a full shipping container used to store and load coal, stones, etc.

Shipping containers cost in the range of 6000 RS.-100000 RS. that is cheaper in India depending upon their sizes. Also, these are eco-friendly and safe to use. You can hire these containers online for transports quickly.