Does glassware matter?

Does glassware matter?

People generally drink for fun and to de-stress. Sometimes they like to relax alone with a drink, at times with friends, while reading, while watching a movie, playing a game or while listening to music. Most parties are incomplete without alcohol.

Drinking is a combination of taste and smell. It should appeal to the senses and also be a visual treat.

If you walk into a Bar or a glassware shop, you will come across a wide variety of glasses in various shapes and sizes like flute glasses, stem glasses, rock glasses, martini glasses, pint glasses, cocktail glasses, etc.

A connoisseur of wine not just understands his spirits. He also understands the right way to serve them.

Yes. The glassware matters.

Let us try to understand why a drink needs a particular type of glass.

  • Flute Glasses: These stunning and dainty glasses are perfect for serving sparkling wine and champagne that need to retain the carbonation for a longer time.
  • Wine Glasses: These wide-mouthed stem glasses with a smaller rim are perfect and easy to swirl the wine and inhale the aroma before sipping.
  • Beer glasses: Beer is more fun while chugging it out of a large mug, pint glass, or pilsner glass.
  • Rock glasses: These old fashioned short and stout glasses having a thick wall, circular rim, and a solid base are perfect for serving whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, and rum on the rocks along with huge chunks of ice.
  • Highball Glasses: These delicate, tall, and thin clear glasses are well suited to serve colorful cocktails with a lot of ice and mixers.

Glasses should complement the drink. They should not mute the aroma and flavor. They ought to be classy, elegant, and comfortable while enhancing the visual appeal. Which is your pick?