Buying The Unblended

Buying The Unblended

People have been drinking since ancient times. Starting with mead, which was made from pure honey, drinks have more or less covered all fruity or carbohydrate-based ingredients that can be fermented. Distillation has created drinks that can last forever, and grow richer in taste the older it gets. Each generation has introduced their favorite drinks. But certain drinks are considered timeless, and Whiskey is one of them. Properly bottled and stored, whiskey can be drunk after hundreds of years, and it only gets better with time. The single malt scotch whisky is appreciated by true whiskey imbibers everywhere in the world.


Whiskey is a dark but luminous alcoholic beverage that is distilled from a mash of a variety of grains, which are generally corn, barley, rye and wheat. This distilled spirit is then aged in wooden barrels, generally white oak. It is classified as a “hard drink”, and usually contains 43 to 50 percent alcohol. Whiskey comes from the Celtic people, with the earliest records dating from 1494, and whose name for this drink means the “Water of Life”. This is very similar to the name of alcoholic drinks in Hinduism, which is “Shoma-ras”, and means much the same thing. Straight whiskeys are mixed or unmixed from the same distiller and distillation period. Single malt Scotch whiskey is single malt made in Scotland. For example, a Bladnoch single-malt may contain whiskeys from many barrels produced in the Bladnoch Distillery, but each will only be from the same (Bladnoch) distillery. This ensures specificity of taste for a whiskey, and the distinctiveness of its “bouquet”. The delicate taste and flavor of single malt scotch whiskey depends to a great extent on the stream of water used, and its absorbed minerals.

single malt scotch whisky


Some of the oldest of single malt scotch whiskeys come from the 203 year old Bladnoch Distillery, where some of the finest Lowlands scotch is produced for hundreds of years. Some of the features of this Distillery and its distinctive whiskey are as follows:

  • This Distillery has been producing some of the finest scotch since 1817.
  • Talia 27 Year Old is single malt that has been carefully matured in Bourbon casks.
  • Bladnoch Distillery is open to all interested visitors.
  • This is a 50-acre estate that is renowned for its model distillery as well as its manicured gardens.
  • Regular tasting sessions are held for the visitors at the premises of the Distillery, and some interesting competitions are staged, for which prizes are given to the visitors consisting of tiny model casks of the golden drink.

Retail outlets for buyers are available in over 40 countries, and many malls and supermarkets are beginning to carry this distinctive whiskey in their wineries sections.