Ex-MoviePass Chairman makes new media organization Zash

Ex-MoviePass Chairman makes new media organization Zash

Former moviepass chairman Ted Farnsworth told recently that he is hoping to upset Hollywood once more with his new media and diversion organization Zash, which he helped to establish with Jaeson Ma, a Triller and TikTok financial backer.

ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation, a U.S. based diversion, content, and dissemination organization, reported on Thursday that Nasdaq recorded Vinco Ventures, Inc. consented to finish a consolidation, which as per Zash, will make the speed increase and development in live-web based content, video-sharing, appropriation, and creation inside its own ecosystem.

Zash points to contribute, acquire and merge the top tier media, diversion, and content-focused innovation organizations all around the world, as indicated by a press release, which added a definitive objective is to fabricate a ‘Virtual Hollywood,’ which the organization contends is “the fate of media.”

What they are doing here is they have begun with the innovation side and truly focussedon the eyeballs first since we realized the content would come and now,they are wedding the two, Farnsworth told have Maria Bartiromo of the consolidation.

As indicated by the organization, in a test, Zash’s foundation with Vinco prompted more than billion video sees inside a 30-day time span beginning on Facebook.

moviepass chairman noticed that Zash’s Influencer Platform with Vinco at present has more than 350 million devotees. He disclosed to Bartiromo he anticipates that that number should develop as we get more influencers and big names, and we integrate all the media and have a video short structure.

MoviePass and its existence

when asked what motivated him to engage with Zash, Ma said he accepts the organization was the principal U.S. public organization that is focusedon the fate of media diversion with a worldwide view.

There is a hunger for premium substance more than ever, he proceeded. We saw Netflix memberships go far like crazy. We have seen Triller, TikTok client created content go far up during the pandemic.

The streaming giant surpassed its final quarter projections after the bell, detailing 8.5 million paid net options for an entire year record all out of 37 million paid participations, a 31% expansion contrasted with 28 million paid net adds in 2019.

A developing number of online media influencers have been leaving TikTok over security concerns and relocating to the developing video platform Triller.


Ted Farnsworth is the former chairman of Moviepass, he recently established a new media company called Zesh. Zesh media company is U.S based entertainment company, as it quickly increases the online streaming and live streaming related video recordings.