AthadeSrimannarayana Movie Review

AthadeSrimannarayana Movie Review

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AthadeSrimannarayana is the Telugu version of the famous Kannada movie named AvaneSrimannarayana. It is a fantasy adventure comedy movie whose director as well as editor is Sachin Ravi. The movie has been produced jointly by PushkaraMallikarjunaiah and H.K. Prakash and it was released under the production companies of Pushkar Films, Shree Devi Entertainers and Prarambh Studios. The music director of the movie is B AjaneeshLoknath and the Cinematographer is Karm Chawla. The Telugu version known was released on January 2020 starring RakshitShetty ,ShanviShrivatsava.

The background of the movie is a fictional town named Amaravati and the story revolves around two rival characters who are the film’s hero played by Rakshit Shetty and the villain named Jayarama played by Balaji Manohar. A loot takes in the village Amaravati and it is required to be traced as soon as possible. The lead role is believed to be Lord Narayana by a drama troupe and he is the cop in charge of the investigation of the loot. Most of the actors did justice to their roles and the first half of the movie was really interesting. Most of the characters keep the audiences quite engaged with their unusual behaviors during the first half of the film, the second half was fine but not as good as the first half. 


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