Best a level physics tuitions in Singapore

Best a level physics tuitions in Singapore

If you live in Singapore and look for A-level physics tuition, you are at the right place. Below we have compiled a list of a level physics tuition singapore that is the best in providing quality education for your kid.

Best a level physics tuition for your kid in Singapore

The Physics cafe or PMC

It is the most popular JC physics tuition in Singapore, and every year nearly 1000 students trust the physics cafe for a level physics tuition. The founder of PMC is a former RJC physics lecturer. They are also the first tuition center in Singapore to offer shuttle services for their students. Besides physical classes, they also provide online lessons options for students according to their convenience. Offer weekly assessments and classes to implement the learned concept in real-time problems.


They have various centers in Singapore; you can find your nearby center and enroll in the classes.

Knowledge tap

You will find physical classes at knowledge tap combined with digital lessons and private lessons to clear your doubts. They specialize in providing JC-level physics tuitions. You will get assessments and video solutions with your overall performance in the class. You will also get customized video solutions for your asked question within 24 hrs. With their more digital and approachable way, the students will be comfortable asking questions.

Learner’s Lodge 

They provide physics tuition for all levels but specialize in A-level physics tuition. The study method is innovative that makes the sessions interesting for their students. According to different JCs of Singapore, their tailor-made program helps their students score high in their academics. They have six branches in Singapore at convenient locations. Class size is a maximum of twelve students per class.