Social Distancing Divider: Benefits You Need to Know!

Social Distancing Divider: Benefits You Need to Know!

Physical partitions have been suggested as a workable strategy to lessen the COVID-19 virus’s droplet and aerosol transmissions (SARS-CoV-2).

In five representative layouts, the effectiveness of Perspex desk partitions in preventing transitory transmission during coughing was examined. The findings demonstrated that the divider effectively shielded the exposed individual from an infector’s cough while they were sat face to face at a 1.5 m distance. Compared to the configuration without dividers, the aerosol concentration in the breathing zone was reduced by 99 percent.

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The following are some advantages of desk dividers:

  • Privacy

Many people discover that working in a private office or from home increases productivity since it allows them to focus more effectively. But by putting up desk divider screens, you can re-create a sense of seclusion even in the busiest of offices.

  • Display

Installing desk dividers gives your employees privacy, but they can also be used to display things like paper, wall calendars, and other materials for a clutter-free desk environment because of the design of the fabric desk divider screens.

  • Social Distancing

Social distance barriers capture these spores and stop them from transferring between workers, maintaining a nearly normal work atmosphere.

An almost normal work environment can be maintained by regularly sanitizing all of these materials to eliminate any traces of bacteria and virus particles. Additionally, because these panels are frequently transparent, it is simple for coworkers to communicate effectively and light can readily pass through the office, giving it a light and airy sense.