A new kind of printing

A new kind of printing

The technology of the world has developed, and it is extremely noticeable. One of the technological advancements that changed the world was 3D printing. It opened up a whole new world, and is capable of being used in almost any industry, even the medical industry. When it comes to this there are certain types, like PLA 3D printing filament in Singapore.

What is PLA?

            This is known as plastic or polylactic acid, it is a vegetable based plastic material, which means that it is biodegradable. This material is one of the natural raw materials used in 3D printing. It uses FDM or fuel deposition modeling technology. PLA comes in a wire form, the plastic is melted and will be deposited into drops on to the printing tray. The different coloured wires will allow the print to retain the same colour.

The advantages of using it?

            If you’re considering to use PLA 3D printing filament Singapore it may have some of its own advantages. Like for the example that it is biodegradable, this makes the company who ever uses it to be efficient and ethical. Also these filaments come in various shades, styles, and can fit into any application.

The cost?

            Printing will take time, and if many casualties occur then it has to be reprinted which will take even longer. So it’s important to get high quality materials. A spool would cost around $20, but it may be cheap resources. If you want the best it would be double the price.